Alyssa Hirsch

Alyssa Hirsch

Academy Resource Teacher
Middle School and High School

Mrs. Alyssa Hirsch is a native of Colorado and grew up in Greeley. Her passion for teaching, especially students that struggle, is rooted in her four years of work as a paraprofessional at Madison Elementary School. After attending the University of Northern Colorado she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education in 2007. She taught 10 years at Conrad Ball Middle School as a resource teacher and currently enjoys working with the students and staff at Loveland Classical Schools.

Mrs. Hirsch enjoys getting to know her students and understanding the unique ways in which they learn. She encourages all of her students to actively be involved in their individual education program and hopes they develop strong self advocacy skills through the process. Her ultimate desire is to see her students work to the best of their ability and contribute positively to their community.

Outside of the classroom Mrs. Hirsch loves spending time with her husband of 18 years and their two dogs. She also enjoys painting, learning about sacred art, reading, hiking and running.

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