Andrew Wallace

Music Teacher
Grades K – 5

Mr. Wallace has lived in Fort Collins for most of his life. During that time, he attended Ridgeview Classical Schools in its opening year in 2001 and remained until graduating in 2013. He graduated this past May of 2018 from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Mr. Wallace has long had a passion for kids and is thrilled to be able to teach kids at a school that so closely aligns with his personal convictions in life.

Mr. Wallace is the junior high youth leader at his church. He loves performing in some way, whether it be opera, a chamber ensemble, barbershop, or his acapella group. If he is not teaching or performing, Mr. Wallace loves to read and drink coffee in the early mornings, run in the afternoons, and always longs to spend as much time as he possibly can with his family and friends, engaging in a wide array of activities.

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