Anita Disparte-Butters

Science Teacher
Grades 2 and 4

Although Anita Butters lives in Colorado now, she was raised on a citrus ranch in Southern California where there was always an abundance of animals to care for, including horses, dogs, cats, goats, and poultry. Home canning and food preservation were a way of life for her on the ranch. Life in the countryside also instilled in her an interest in the life sciences and physical sciences.

Anita has a B.S. Degree in Environmental Science, and a Master of Science in Soil Fertility. She has extensive experience in working with children, particularly elementary aged students. She has been a certified substitute teacher in Loveland for many years, and she has taught several years of STEM Summer School in Loveland where she has taught a class called Fizz Pop Kitchen. The class combines cooking, baking, and chemistry. As part of this class, she and her students carried out several solution titrations, measured the pH of solutions, and made Borate crystals, among many other activities. In addition, they prepared geode cookies, crème brûlée, and color changing drinks.

Ever since Anita started teaching at the elementary school level, she has been passionate in her commitment to these four things: maximizing individual students’ interest in learning, inspiring students’ interest in exploring, instilling a sense of self-worth among students, and having fun.

Anita and her husband have raised three children. Aside from teaching her own children handicrafts and cooking, Anita has taught children in the community horseback riding, cooking, baking, cake decorating, knitting, crocheting, sewing, and candle-making. She also makes cold process soap at home. Anita loves nature, animals, pickleball, gardening, cooking, walking, reading, and traveling. Among some of the countries Anita has visited are Spain, Morocco, Portugal, France, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Belize, Mexico, and others.


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