Bryan Smith

History and Art Teacher
Grades 6 and 11

Mr. Smith is greatly looking forward to his second year at LCS. He will be teaching art history, 6th grade history, and 11th grade American history.

Mr. Smith has taught in classical schools for almost a decade, and he relishes conversing with students and colleagues in and outside of class. His goal is to provide the kind of education he wished he had gotten as a teenager. In fact, Mr. Smith went to university to gain insight into the western canon and to seek out just the kinds of larger questions about the human experience that we grapple with here at LCS. In the process he earned a BA in Humanities with a minor in French at Brigham Young University, and a Masters in American History at the University of Notre Dame, where he is a Ph.D. candidate in Early American History. At the University of Notre Dame Mr. Smith taught several history and writing classes.

Beyond his love of teaching art and history and discussing the great questions of life, Mr. Smith has almost too many other interests and passions. For twenty years he has been a master gilder and picture framer, framing paintings by modern and historic masters. His frames hang in art galleries and museums across the United States. He enjoys being in the mountains — on foot or on a bike — and loves to play music, play tennis, and play dad. In fact, with six children, Mr. Smith wins the “most kids” award among the faculty. Although the oldest two have already graduated, Mr. Smith’s younger four are at LCS.

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