Bryan Smith

History and Art Teacher
Grades 6 and 11

By the time Mr. Smith finished 6th grade he had a good hunch he would never make it to the NBA, so he boiled his career choices down to a few ideas: a knight in King Arthur’s court, a fighter pilot in World War II, a mountain man during the heyday of the fur trade, or an architect working on the Egyptian pyramids. But by 1985 all of the positions in those lines of work had been filled.  So in high school Mr. Smith focused on sports, art, music, and dating. By the time he went to university he realized his high school education lacked depth and he sought answers to the question: “What does it mean to be a human being?” He took that question seriously (and took as many classes in history, literature, and the arts as he could).  In the process he earned a BA in Humanities with a minor in French at Brigham Young University, and a Masters in American History at the University of Notre Dame (where he is a Ph.D. candidate in Early American History).

Mr. Smith is greatly looking forward to his fourth year at LCS. He will be teaching 6th grade Greek and Roman history, 11th grade American history, and hopefully if we get back to normal he will be teaching his beloved art history electives.

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