Cheyenne Hargrove


Mrs. Cheyenne Wheat is a native to Colorado, though she spent some time living in Australia. Mrs. Wheat started at Loveland Classical after she graduated from Colorado State University. At Loveland Classical, she found a way to begin putting her skills and passion of helping children to use.

Mrs. Cheyenne Wheat believes that relationships with students is the most important way to help them be their best selves. She strongly advocates for the relationship and that shows in the ways she encourages students in each task. Mrs. Cheyenne Wheat loves to celebrate wins with her students, big or small.

When she isn’t at school, Mrs. Cheyenne Wheat is outdoors, hiking or fishing with her husband. She also likes to read and watch movies. Mrs. Cheyenne Wheat loves to cook yummy food and delicious desserts (and sometimes is kind enough to share with her students).

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