Cristina Calvo Trejos

Spanish Teacher
Grades 6-12
Extra-Curricular Sponsor: Student Government and Spanish Club

Mrs. Calvo Trejos was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, where she attended prestigious private schools Colegio de La Salle, Colegio Calasanz, and San Judas Tadeo. After completing high school, she attended the Universidad Autónoma de Centro America from 1983 – 1987 where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Education with emphasis in Early Childhood Education.
Mrs. Calvo-Trejos worked as a teacher in Costa Rica’s public school system and then as a preschool to first grade teacher with the Colegio Internacional SEK de Costa Rica, where she was part of the team that started the school’s operation in that country. Colegio Internacional SEK has global presence.

Prior to joining LCS, she taught kids English as a second language and Spanish as a second language. As part of her more than 25 year experience, she has contributed in the editing of a Spanish-English dictionary and in the creation of several children’s coloring books. She is PLACE certified as Highly Qualified in the Spanish language and has been part of LCS staff since the school started operations in 2011.

A naturalized U.S. Citizen, she lived in Costa Rica for 31 years, two in Panama, and has been married for 27 years and has three children: Sebastian, age 21, Felipe age 25, and Catalina age 27.

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