Florian Hild

Classic Literature, Logic, Rhetoric, German Teacher
Extra-Curricular Sponsor: Running Club, Swing Dance

Mr. Hild grew up reading and running in the shadow of the wall in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. He came to the United States to read philosophy and run track and field at Ashland University in Ohio. For the last eighteen years, he’s been reading and running in Fort Collins, enjoying the conversations about Socrates, Shakespeare, Goethe, et al., as well as the beautiful runs, rides, and swims in the Rocky Mountains. Mr. Hild’s publications range from essays and book reviews on classical education, C.S. Lewis, and Navid Kermani to translations of Karl Jaspers and Hildegard of Bingen.

Mr. Hild and his wife divide their time between Colorado and Germany together with their son Tobias, who will graduate from Loveland Classical’s high school in 2020.

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