Heidi Peachey

Classroom Coordinator
Grade 1

Miss Peachey, an LCS graduate of the 2015 class, is excited to now be returning for the position of classroom coordinator. A lover of books, learning, and academics she is looking forward to sharing her love of these things with her students. She has appreciated the education she received at LCS and is eager to be part of the education of the current LCS students. Classical education helped solidify her love for learning and prepare her for higher education. She is currently completing classes at Aims Community College but will be transferring to Colorado State University where she plans to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

She loves to read, spend time with her family, church family, and her adorable Border Collie, and enjoys a good cup of tea or a latte. Her favorite genre of books is Historical Fiction, and her love for history has grown into a love for travel as well. She has visited England, Ireland, and Scotland, but dreams of visiting more countries. Currently at the top of the list of countries she wants to visit are Switzerland and Austria. Miss Peachey is excited to share her love for learning with her students whether they are in the classroom or exploring the world around them!

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