Jeff Wilson

Physical Education Teacher
Grades K – 5

Mr. Wilson is excited to not only be part of this team with Loveland Classical Schools but is excited to have the opportunity to be someone that your children look to for a healthy understanding of fitness and nutrition.

He grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and graduated from Central High School in 2007. He then joined the United States Army National Guard and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan within the 12 years that he was in the Army. While enlisted, he learned an array of skills ranging from being a mechanic for artillery to being a team leader and a squad leader and even becoming an instructor for the last two years of his military career. During his enlistment, he earned a degree in Health Sciences with the endorsement of Physical and Health Education through the University of Wyoming. He then worked at an elementary as a para-educator and then moved to Carey Jr. High as the eighth grade Physical/Health educator.

After that, he wanted to move south to Colorado to pursue his ambitions within the art and sport world. Loving to snowboard, play volleyball, and be closer to some family, he discovered LCS. He is looking to continue his education to get a master’s degree in health sciences with an emphasis in art and eventually moving on to get a PhD. in health sciences and working as a professor at the university level.

His hobbies include participating in nearly all sports, working out, doing life drawings or hyper-realism drawings, going to the movie theaters, relaxing on the couch and watching Netflix, chilling with friends by a camp fire, and having a good time all around. He has a baffling amount of knowledge when it comes to almost all sports and loves to change things up and learn new ways of being healthy and being a better teacher.

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