Keeley Swank

English Teacher
English Grade 4
Extra-Curricular Sponsor: Student Government Sponsor

Mrs. Swank is so excited to be returning to LCS this year as the fourth grade English teacher. Originally from Arizona, Mrs. Swank is happy to call Northern Colorado home where she’s enjoying life with her husband and baby girl. She earned her Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Northern Arizona University, located in her beautiful hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona, in 2010 with a dual major in Art History and German. Her German studies led her to travel and study in Europe (her home base was Konstanz, Germany), which gave her the opportunity to visit and experience a lot of the places we learn about at LCS. Mrs. Swank’s fundamental educational philosophy is that a teacher’s job is not to produce high school graduates, but to generate life-long learners who use knowledge to explore and positively interact with the world around them.

To Mrs. Swank a perfect day looks like reading a good book while riding on a train through the mountains of Bavaria on a slightly cloudy day, getting off and wandering around a castle and the local village, and then finishing the day with a good meal, some local music, and a soft bed – and she supposes her husband can come along for the journey too. She hopes to instill in her kids at LCS a similar love of experiencing new places and different things and teach them that world exploration begins with reading.

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