Kirsten Grove

Instructional Coach - Elementary English
Grade 3

Mrs. Grove is a Colorado State University graduate, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor’s of Arts in German Language, Literature, and Culture. She has Highly Qualified status in Elementary Education. She has been with LCS since its inaugural year as a parent, and since the second year as an employee.

Mrs. Grove loves investigating and examining the English language, and sharing this passion with her students. She believes that the natural wonder and curiosity of children opens the door to lifelong learning and should therefore be exalted. In her classroom, you will find students engaged in exploring great literature, learning about the patterns of our language, fine-tuning their penmanship, and singing or reciting songs, poems, or even spelling rules. Mrs. Grove values the opportunity to teach her students and to learn from each of them.

When away from work, Mrs. Grove enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. Additionally, a love of running, sewing, reading, hiking, and being in the presence of family and friends occupies her time.

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