Lee Dixon

Latin Teacher

Mr. Dixon discovered a love for both Latin and Roman reenactment in high school. He took his love for reenactment and earned an Associate’s degree in metal fabrication and welding. Mr. Dixon continued his education at the University of Kansas and earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Latin education. Mr. Dixon teaches Latin with a focus on using Latin as a living language. While working to make Latin engaging for all students and helping grow Latin programs in Kansas, he was elected as the chair of the Kansas Junior Classical League.

Mr. Dixon has presented on modern teaching pedagogy to various audiences. He has twice presented at the Oliver Phillips Colloquium at the University of Kansas (“Latin Around the Web” and “Extensive Reading in the Latin Classroom”) and once at the American Classical League Institute (“How to Implement a Latin Writing Program”). Outside of the classroom, Mr. Dixon loves to learn how ancient people did every-day tasks and enjoys experimental archaeology. Currently, he is learning how to use traditional woodworking tools to better understand how ancient people built every-day objects.

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