Margot Gerber

Margot Gerber

Math Teacher
Grade 6

Ms. Gerber is very excited to be teaching middle school math this year at Loveland Classical Schools. She joined LCS last January as a sixth grade math teacher, interventionist and GT teacher. She has been teaching for six years.

Ms. Gerber is a licensed secondary math teacher who earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, M.B.A. from Regis University and M.A. in Teaching from the University of Northern Colorado. She had a career in corporate finance for about 20 years before transitioning into education. She chose to pursue middle school math education from the private sector because she really enjoys this age group and content area, and is passionate about helping students to think about and apply the mathematics they are learning.

Ms. Gerber has many outside interests but especially enjoys spending time with her family, pets and friends. She loves being outside whether it is to garden, bike, hike or cross-country ski. She is also an avid reader and collects antiques. She has lived in the Midwest, on the east coast, and on the west coast.

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