Mark Schreiber

Mark Schreiber

Innovation and Technology Developer

Mr. Mark Schreiber, a long time resident of northern Colorado, loves to help others learn how to design and create innovative things. For over 20 years he has helped shape school technology and innovation programs as a teacher, director, and consultant. Mark is recognized nationally as an outstanding educator and a leader in innovation lab development. He has consulted for Stanford’s Graduate School of Education, the US Air Force Academy, Intel Corporation, and the American School in Japan, to help bring more design and innovation into school and corporate programs worldwide.

During his career Mr. Schreiber has been honored to receive the Milken National Teacher of the Year Award, a Stanford Senior Fellowship in Digital Fabrication, and many other awards and grants focused on helping students build what they’ve dreamt up. With Bachelor degrees in Technology Education and Manufacturing Technology, and a Masters of Science in Construction, Technology, and Engineering Education, Mark is already an active member of the “maker generation.” He is the owner of Design Case Consultancy, a member of MIT’S international FABlab network, and teaches Design-thinking classes at Colorado State University. Overall Mark loves to support innovation in education in any and all ways possible.

When Mr. Schreiber is not building, teaching, or creating things, he loves to get outside. To hike, bike, or backpack in Colorado’s beautiful outdoors with his wife and 3 daughters.

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