Maureen Hobbs

Physical Education Teacher
Grades K – 5

Maureen Hobbs has been a fitness instructor for adults and children for six years. With a deep passion for social and emotional wellness, her classes may include silliness, laughter, creativity, and mindfulness to compliment moderate to vigorous physical activities. Ms. Hobbs received her K-12 Physical Education Teacher Certificate from Metropolitan State University of Denver and her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Iowa. At LCS, Ms. Hobbs hopes to create a safe, fun, inclusive physical education experience where students will joyfully elevate their heart rates, learn a variety of worldly games and concepts, gain self-confidence, and develop patience and compassion for other movers.

While Ms. Hobbs is away from school, she enjoys cooking (without dietary restrictions), travelling near and far, reading, gardening, playing and listening to music, bonfires, storytelling, and making people laugh. She is also the editor of a Chicago-based music magazine.

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