Pepper May

Pepper May

Science Teacher

I received my BS in Chemistry/Molecular Biology and MS in Biology/Genetics at the University of Nebraska, Kearney.  My Master’s Thesis was on the genetic pathways that induce oil production in green algae.  This research was at the forefront of third generation biofuels using algae and other single-celled, phototrophic organisms that could be genetically modified to increase efficiency in production of algal biodiesel.  After graduation, I worked for many years in corn research at AgReliant using genetic practices and controlled breeding in the development of new hybrids to increase yield.

I later went on to pursue my teaching endorsement in Science at UNK and taught in the public school system for 4 years before choosing to transition to Colorado.  I accepted the position at Loveland Classical Schools in May 2020.  We planted roots here in early July.

I have two children, grades 7th and 10th, three dogs, one cat, two mice, and two frogs.  My biggest passion is rescuing animals of any species, I believe every living thing has a right to life and love. I would love to someday have my own piece of land so I can start my own sanctuary for abused and neglected farm and domestic animals.  I love to run, spend time outdoors with my children and my dogs always watching closely for my next rescue.  I have rescued squirrels, a beaver, dogs, turtles, cats, mice, rats without catching the plague, birds, and rabbits.  I hope to keep adding to my list.

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