School Founder, Rod Otero

Rod Otero

Rod Otero has been married to Lisa for 15 years and strives to be a dedicated father to the spiritual, educational, and emotional well being of his child, Isabella. He grew up in Long Beach, CA and moved to Colorado in 1991. Rod is a weekend entrepreneur and can be seen at most festivals, craft shows and trade show events up and down the front range.

Rod had witnessed too many cracks in the educational system and jumped at the chance when invited to help start Loveland Classical Schools. This stay-at-home dad has seen, heard and experienced enough of the dumbing down of our society and was excited for the opportunity to volunteer and help create an educational foundation for which students and parents can be proud. He wants to see this charter school, with the help of involved parents, take an active role in developing young minds with virtuous character, to critically think for themselves, and have a passion for learning to become the best they can be and give back by becoming exceptional community stewards.