Tim Smith

Latin, History, Logic and Rhetoric Teacher

Having started studying Latin and Greek in high school, Mr. Smith went on to receive his bachelor’s degree in Classics from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, and a master’s degree in Humanities from the University of Chicago. A semester abroad in Italy further ignited his love of Rome’s history, architecture, art, and cuisine.

Over the years, Mr. Smith has taught Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Literature, Modern Literature, Logic, Rhetoric, and the History and Philosophy of Ancient Greece and Rome. He has served as a college advisor, led student tours to Italy and Greece, and in 2011, Mr. Smith completed his translation of Vergil’s Aeneid. In 2013, he attended a living Latin immersion week called Rusticatio and has since become a zealous advocate for learning to speak Latin in order to become a better reader of Latin. He devotes a few weeks each summer to serving as head chef and an instructor for Rusticatio and plans and hosts weekend-long Latin immersions here in Colorado.

Mr. Smith was named the 2013 Teacher of the Year by the Colorado League of Charter Schools and in 2015, the Colorado Classics Association also named him Teacher of the Year. He is co-president of the Colorado Classics Association and one of the state chairs for the Colorado chapter of the Junior Classical League.

Check out Mr. Smith’s YouTube Latin Cooking Channel, called COQUAMUS. Mr. Smith’s wife has a master’s degree in Interior Design and his daughter, Delia, is in the LCS class of 2025.

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