Loveland Classical Schools has teamed up with Thompson School District Nutrition Services to offer our students nutritious lunch options. For more information on their nutrition program, please visit their website at Or to load money onto your child’s account, register/login at

Free and Reduced applications will be available at Back to School Night or can be completed online at Even if you don’t plan on utilizing the hot lunch program, please complete the information if you qualify for the program as it is beneficial for the school; the forms are processed at the district level and remain anonymous to LCS staff.

Lunch Ordering

District staff estimates the number of meals needed and will make them available to students at both campuses. Simply ensure that your student's meals account has been loaded with money or send money with your student to school.

Snack and Lunch Packing

LCS offers a hot lunch program, but for those who choose not to participate in the program, some of our parents have compiled a few ideas and tips.

Main Dishes - Cold

Eggs - hard boiled, deviled, etc.
Boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce
Tuna, chicken or egg salad in pita
Turkey and bell pepper roll-up
Turkey meatball soup with grated carrots and orzo pasta
Pita pocket filled with carrots, cheddar cheese, and buttermilk ranch
Ham salad with pickles
Sushi rolls with any leftover fish, brown rice, cucumber, and carrots
Cubed lunch meat and cheeses
Apple sandwich - Sliced rings with peanut butter and granola inside
Molasses sandwich
Peanut butter and honey sandwich
Ham, pineapple and cheese cubes

Main Dishes - Hot - using a small thermos

Sandwich thins, pizza sauce, shredded cheese and preferred toppings served with a Caesar salad

Soups, stews, chili
Spaghetti with meatballs
Cheese quesadillas
Sloppy Joe meat with bun on the side
Mini crustless quiches made in muffin tins
Burritos - black bean, rice and cheese
Tofu with sweet corn and shelled edamame--warmed in a thermos
Sandwich/English muffin pizza
Hot dogs (no nitrites)
Mac and cheese
Mini burritos or enchiladas
Hamburger with veggies mixed in
Turkey burgers
Veggie burgers
Chicken pot pie
Peaches or blueberries and oatmeal with or without yogurt
Cheesy buckwheat

Ideas From:

Eating Well, Parenting, Good Housekeeping, Cooking Light

*Please note that listed items are suggestions from families and do not constitute an opinion of health by LCS.

Snacks and Sides

Fruits - fresh, dried, or baked

Apples or pears with nut butter (spritz sliced apples with lemon to preserve)
Apple baked with slice of cheese on top
Cuties or oranges peeled
Melons cubed
Dried fruit
Frozen grapes
Bananas dipped in ground nuts/seeds
Yogurt mixed with fresh fruit


Raw cheese with nuts or whole grain crackers
Cheese and crackers
Outage cheese mixed with fresh fruit
Fruit smoothies (with veggies/greens)
Puréed squash with cooked fruit

Nuts and Other Things

Homemade granola bars
"That's It" bar (available at Costco)
Tabouli mixed with yogurt


Carrot, zucchini or banana made with almond meal


Celery filled with nut butter and sprinkled with raisins
Carrots, cucumbers or other with black bean dip or humus
Bell pepper strips or snow peas with cottage cheese dip
Rice cakes with nut butters
Chips and salsa or guacamole
Cheese sticks
Yogurt or yogurt as a dip for fruit
Popcorn - plain or dressed up with seasonings
Hummus and pita chips
Grated carrots and raisins
Grated apples and cinnamon
Hummus and veggie sticks
Carrots and ranch
Kale chips (make your own! Easy recipes online)
Sugar snap peas


Be sure to check-in regularly with your children to get feedback on past meals you've packed. Some students have been known for repeatedly discarding food that they don't like rather than asking their parents to stop packing it.

Please consider sending along a cloth napkin to use as a placemat as it increases protection against table germs and helps with potential spills. And don't forget to add any necessary utensils your child will need.