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Week 22


Mrs. Ramirez

This is an exciting week!  On Monday, we will enjoy a visit by a cowgirl to enrich our learning of North American and Colorado history.  Tuesday is the 100th day of school!  Please have your child bring in a ziplock bag of 100 items (cotton balls, pasta, pennies, toothpicks, etc.).  Use your imagination but please make sure the items fit in a gallon size or smaller ziplock bag.  On Thursday, we will distribute and send home Valentines.  Please read on to find more details about our upcoming week.    

This week, our phonograms will include:   oi / oy (found in words like soil and joy) and oe  (used in words like toe and the name for marsupials babies: joeys)

This week, we will begin to study the 7 Continents, beginning with North America, USA, Canada, the Arctic, and our state of Colorado. As we compare each continent over the next few months, we will look at a few main countries, some important aspects of climate, animals, traditional dress, and foods. Monday we will enjoy a visit with a cowgirl.

Math: We will finish up identifying coins, continue skip counting by 10’s , 5’s, and 2’s, and will continue working with number words.  To help celebrate 100 days of school, please send in 100 items in a ziplock bag on Tuesday.  The best way to count out the items with your child is to make 10 groups of 10, then count: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100.

This week we will send home any Valentines that the children bring to class for their classmates on Thursday, Feb 14th. Our class has 26 students. Please help keep every safe and healthy by not sending in food items.  Encourage your child to write his or her name, in beautiful penmanship, on the cards as the sender. Please don’t write the names of the intended recipients on the cards, since that would take much longer to organize.

As a class, we have been writing thank you notes to the LCS staff. Gratitude is an important part of showing love and a part of our character curriculum in Kindergarten.

Science: weather

Literature: Chicken Little, books about Colorado, weather and valentines

There is no school on Monday, February 19th for Presidents Day.

Learning to tie a shoe is an important skill. If you would like an idea on how to teach this skill, please watch our video on your child’s Kindergarten page. A Shoe Sheriff Certificate is awarded to each child when this skill has been demonstrated. Thank you for working on it at home.


This week, students will learn more about the good fruit that comes from honesty. Students will practice honesty in a new music game. If they have not seen Disney’s Pinocchio, perhaps this would be a good season to show it to them! Students will learn a new song this week and be able audibly distinguish its rhythm and high and low sounds, and demonstrate it in a music game

We have finished up the throwing part of the unit, but will continue the catching part.


Ms. Carlson

This week in Art, students will learn about the life and work of Alexander Calder, the inventor of the first mobile. Students will use warm and cool colors, as well as, geometric and organic shapes to create mobiles.  Students will also be coming home with their paper sculptures and their Chihuly inspired macchia bowls.

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