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Monday Notes (Grant)

Room 111

Mrs. Grant

Please send a snack each day with your child for the a.m. recess.  Please note that the afternoon recess snack is optional.


Mrs. Povsha

Morning Forum: Please join us on Thursday and Friday this week.

Grammar/Literature: Students will begin to write their final copies of their own Little Red Riding Hood stories.  In grammar, the students are demonstrating their knowledge of subject nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives (including article adjectives), and the conjunction ‘and’.

Reading/Writing Skills:  The students will be learning editing skills and the markings used to correct any errors in a sentence.  We will be reemphasizing the need for implementing the Writing CAPES in our sentences.  Again, it is now an expectation that every sentence we write begins with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark.

Spelling:   Students will not be learning new spelling words this week. We will instead focus on learning common prefixes and suffixes.

Mastery Words:

Monday: enter, understand, less, least, they, break

Tuesday: breakfast, wonder

Wednesday: quit, quite, quiet, throw, threw, through

Thursday: believe, prairie, receive, race, raced, racing

Penmanship:  As we complete the school year, the focus of penmanship is on forming our letters properly so that we are masters of the print formation by the end of the school year.

  ~Ms. Povsha

1st Grade
Students will continue to learn about measures and barlines. They will know where the strong and weak beats are in a measure, and be able to draw in their own barlines in the appropriate places. Students will play on xylophones while singing some their concert songs, as a means to stay in key as well as to practice being rhythmic. They will also learn some actions with their concert songs. Students will be introduced to jazz music this week!

1st Grade: Will begin to learn how to manipulate objects as it relates to that actual game of tennis through small games. Such as, drop shot game and lob shot game.


Ms. Carlson


Mrs. Alverson

This week in History we will be reviewing what we’ve learned about the Boston Tea Party.  We will also learn about the American Revolution and “the shot heard ‘round the world”.  Students will complete a study guide on Friday that review the material for the written test over the informational portion of the 13 colonies. Additionally, students will have their oral exam over the 13 colonies map on Thursday or Friday of this week.  They are expected to name the 13 colonies in random order, as a teacher points to the map.  (It will take two days to work through the whole class list, hence the two-day testing window)

Core Virtues

Mrs. Grant

The children will be working on the new virtue of “Sensitivity” this week during class, and being creative with an art project.

1st Grade: This week in Art, students will make two abstract paintings in warm and cool colors.  Students will weave their paintings together next week for Colonial Day.  Also, Please join us for the annual Spring Art Show on Thursday, April 18 from 5:30-8:00 pm which will exhibit art work from students in grades 1-5 .

This week we will begin our unit of numbers to 100. The students will read and write numerals and number-words for tens. They will count within 100 by making tens and ones. They will read and write numbers within 100. They will solve problems involving adding 1 or 10 more than a number and subtracting 1 or 10 less than a number. The will end the week comparing two numbers within 100.


Mrs. Alverson
Students will finish up learning about prairie habitats and animals that live in this habitat.  We will transition into talking about adaptations and how animals have specialized body parts to help them deal with their extreme environments.  Desert habitats will be introduced this week as well.
Tonight's informational meeting has been cancelled.
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