Week 3

Room 111 Announcements

Mrs. Ballenski


Mrs. Ballenski

Dear PT Kinder Families,

This week, we will be taking our NWEA assessments using headphones and ipads. The kids enjoy it.

Student photos for our classes will be first thing Tuesday (M/T/Th class) and Wednesday (M/W/F class). Your student may wear clothing that is nicer than dress code, while still following dress code expectations: nothing sleeveless, no denim, skirts and shorts to the knee, etc. Your student should be dressed nicely, modestly, and comfortably for school work, recess, and PE class. A group class photo will be taken this spring.

Penmanship – This week, your student will continue to work on the strokes needed to create great penmanship. We have discussed that being good at a skill requires practice. The circle stroke is very important. It begins at 3:00 on the circle. Eight of our letters and three of our numbers use a circle stroke. We are beginning to form the letters of the alphabet. You will notice they are taught according to penmanship rather than in ABC order.

Literature & Character – Our literature this week focuses on good character qualities. We will read The Three Little PigsThe Real Story of the Three Little PigsLittle Red HenThe Little Engine That Could, Go! Go! Go! Stop!

Math –  We are learning the difference between our Right and Left, matching , sorting, and shapes.

Geography – Our earth has 7 continents and 5 oceans, globes are a small model of our earth and maps are drawings.

Science – Our bodies are amazing! We will talk about good health, exercise, nutrition, cleanliness, and rest. We will continue to train the students in classroom culture and good social manners.

Saying – This week, our saying will change to, ” Better Safe Than Sorry”

Week 5: Monday, September 23rd, will be the first day of our daily Morning Forum and Mid-day Forums. Please plan to stay at drop-off as often as you are able, beginning that week. We use the first 20 minutes of class time to work in small groups with the students. Volunteers must have and wear a Vital badge to be in the classroom working with children. In class, we have organized the students into groups and we will provide the activities for you. If you have younger children and are interested in being part of a group of parents who share child care with each other here at the school during morning Forum, please contact Mrs. Witty at ewitty@lovelandclassical.org. She is trying to organize child care sharing.

Pick-ups at the end of our day: We love having older siblings stop by to pick up Kinder students. When the Kinder child’s number posts, we will ask the child to wait at our door, ready to go. We must have your  wishes given to us by email, sent to both the coordinator for the older child and to us. Older students may come down the back stairs to retrieve a Kinder, but delays and detours cannot be allowed to slow the process or the privilege may be revoked.

Classical Phonics Parent Training Meetings are coming up! Please join us for one of these meetings to learn more about our literacy program.

Wednesday, September 11, 4:30-6 pm
Wednesday, October 9, 6-7:30 pm
Tuesday, November 5, 4:30-6 pm

Dress code issues we are noticing some light up shoes and girls without shorts under all skirts and dresses. Check the Dress Code colors on the link right here on our class page. Red and green are not LCS shirt colors.

Please send a jacket for the morning recess. We go outside each morning. It can be chilly.

Assistance: There are often copy jobs and some take home projects available. Let us know if you would like to help.

 Please help us be aware when your child will be using the Hot Lunch Line. We walk with the children who use the lunch line. Milk (white and chocolate) is available for purchase separately from the lunch options.

The Gold Folder will come home every day and should be returned every day. The back cover has a copy of the proper LCS penmanship formation.

Family Ideas:

Please continue to read with and to your child. When you read aloud, let your child hear the flow of our language and emotions being expressed in a story. Ask question about what’s happening. What might happen next? How might the ending have turned out differently?

If you haven’t already, consider joining this Kinder class Facebook page: Loveland Classical Class of 32  This is a closed page and you will have to request to friend. When you plan outings on your day off from school, you can post and invite others to meet you. Since we are a commuter school, your efforts to get to know each other as families will pay off.

Mrs. Ballenski and Mrs. Newland

This week in Art, students will be learning about the life and art of Wassily Kandinsky, the father of abstract art.  Later in the week, students will be using oil pastels to create abstract works of art utilizing line, shape and color to express a mood.

This week in music, we are learning some new songs to sing. We will be practicing how to participate in choral activities.

Students will be working on safe tagging during a variety of chasing and fleeing games. We will be creating teams of 2, 3, 4, 5 and including/inviting all friends to work together.

This week in Latin, students will continue working on greetings and introductions in Latin. The vocabulary words we will be practicing are: Salve/Salvete, Quis es tu?, Ego sum “____”, Quid agis tu? > Optime, Bene, Male, Vale/Valete.