Monday Notes – Miss Peachey

Room 113 Announcements

Miss Peachey

Hi there! Welcome. I am excited for this year and to get to know your child. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.


Mrs. Alverson
This week in History we will be working to learn some of the basic routines that will be used all year long, such as passing papers, moving to the floor for instruction etc. We will learn these routines by diving right into our unit on maps. We will learn about the compass rose and review cardinal directions. We will also begin to learn where we fit on the map (my country, my state, my city or town and my address or home) by using manipulatives, models and visual aids to drive this concept home.

Welcome to Art. This week. we will read a story entitled The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  Inspired by the story, students will decorate and paint their own paper dots.  Due to the variety of materials that we will use in Art this year,  any donation of baby wipes to the Art-room which to help us clean hands at the end of the each class would be greatly appreciated.

This week in music, we are learning the rules of the music classroom as well as some new songs to sing. We will also begin reviewing and expanding on rhythms.

This week we will be playing some get-to-know-you games in PE. We will be learning routines, rules and boundaries, and developing some norms. We will be introduced to new equipment and a variety of chasing/fleeing (tag) games.

Welcome back to school! I am so looking forward to teaching your child and working with you this year!
Morning Forum: This week the students will be using morning forum time to set a routine and discuss expectations.
Grammar/Literature: We will be reading The Tale of Pete Rabbit, students will begin to learn about the plot of a story.
Reading/Writing Skills: The students will begin our penmanship unit this week.
Spelling: The students are beginning with differentiating between open and closed syllables, as they’re mastering identifying vowel and consonant sounds and phonograms.

Welcome back first graders & families! This week we’ll be diving right into curriculum with working on counting 0-10, which might be more of a review. We will also work on writing numbers in numeral and word format. We will also work on the concept of more or less. Important dates: -Homework: Pages 1&2 of exercise 1 will be assigned Thursday and due Friday. -Show What You Know: There will be a short five question in class assignment Friday over concepts learned this week.


Mrs. Alverson
This week in Science we will be learning some of the routines for the year. We will begin diving into content right away as we learn to think like a scientist. Students will learn the scientific method song, which teaches the steps in this process. It's going to be a fun week in Science.