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Monday Notes- 04/15

Room 115

Mrs. Burgess

Hope you all enjoyed your nice long weekend! Thank you to those of you who were able to come to parent/teacher conferences last week. It was nice to meet with you.

Core Virtues

Mrs. Burgess

This week in Core virtues we are wrapping up Compassion, and will be starting Generosity. Look for the email coming home today about our Generosity project we are working on this week during class. Thank you for all of your support on this fun project ūüôā

Students will begin to learn how to manipulate objects as it relates to that actual game of tennis through small games. Such as, drop shot game and lob shot game.

Students will become more familiar with the life of Beethoven and¬†Fur Elise. Students will begin to learn some of the actions and fun movements to their songs that they will sing for the Spring Showcase.¬†This week, the music room will hold each class’s talent show.¬†Please see the schedule sent out a couple weeks ago in regards to which class is presenting when.


Mrs. Gomez

Your student is going to continue their studies on simple tools this week. Today we are finishing up with screws by demonstrating how the threads on the screw are sitting in a helical fashion.  We will be investigating how the work load changes when the threads are closer and farther apart!


This week in At, students will learn about sculpture.¬† Students will look at and discuss different types of sculptures including memorials.¬† Students will carve clay butterflies as a memorial in honor of tolerance for¬†The Butterfly Project, which is a international memorial representing tolerance and commemorating victims of the Holocaust.¬† Student’s butterflies will be hung in the lobby during the production of¬†The Diary of Anne Frank.¬†Also, Please join us for the annual Spring Art Show on Thursday, April 18 from 5:30-8:00 pm which will exhibit art work from students in grades 1-5.¬†¬†


Mrs. Grove

Good morning, 2nd grade families,

It was wonderful to meet with many of you at our parent-teacher conferences last Thursday!  Teaching your children has been an unexpected, yet incredible adventure this semester, and we appreciate all of the support you each provide at home with reading and writing skills. If ever you have questions about your child, please email us.

Morning Forum: We are continuing to read in our small groups on Tuesday РThursday and would love your support.  On Monday, the CCs are reading A Hundred Dresses to the students, which reinforces the virtue of compassion.  On Friday, we will have a nonfiction reading as a whole class.

Reading Skills: Now that we have completed our reading of Peter Pan, we will be focused on using our time this week to reflect upon the text, reference it when writing, and do re-readings as needed for understanding.

Writing Skills and Literature:¬†The students will continue their Riggs literacy studies, focusing on the morphology of the spelling words, and learning & reviewing spelling rules.¬† We will revisit the “y + a vowel suffix” rule as a key focus this week.¬† Additionally, we are diagramming sentences containing a subject and a verb, plus a variance of adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases to reinforce the students’ abilities to find and identify each in sentences.

We will put into practice our excellent simple and compound sentence writing abilities while developing a persuasive response to a prompt regarding Peter Pan.  The students will be introduced to the full writing process (including brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, and revising prior to the final draft).  The students will connect our reading studies of analyzing paragraphs to their own writing.

Homework:¬†Spelling and reading homework will be sent home on Monday, due on Wednesday.¬† Additionally this week, we will have the rough drafts of the students’ paragraphs sent home on Thursday, due on Friday.¬† We will update you on the day they are sent, just in case our writing goes quicker or takes longer than expected.

Mastery Words:

Tuesday: breath, breathe, breathing, breathes, continue

Wednesday: person, debt

Thursday: slowly, quickly, carefully, carelessly, gladly, sadly

Friday: personal, personally, personalize, personality, impersonal

Enjoy the week!


Mrs. Kirsten Grove

This week in 2nd grade math, students are working with multiplication and division by 5s and 10s. They will also be reviewing their multiplication and division facts from 2s to 5s. After this week, students should be able to do the following:

* Count by 5s (0-50) and 10s (0-100).

* Multiply and divide by 5s.

* Practice multiplying and dividing by 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s.

* Multiply by 10s.

* Solve word problems involving multiplication by 2, 3, 4, and 5.

* Solve word problems involving division by 5.

The Wolf classwork packets are due one week from Tuesday on 4/23/19 for students who did not complete them in class. Homework goes home on Wednesday and is due back on Friday, 4/19/19.

Please email your child’s CC and me if you need or want subtraction flashcards). Students in XtraMath should be working on subtraction.

· Monday: 5-10 minutes XtraMath or flashcards

· Tuesday: 5-10 minutes XtraMath or flashcards

· Wednesday: 10-15 minutes: Exercise 23 ps. 68-69 (please do easiest problems first)

· Thursday: 10-15 minutes: Exercise 23 ps. 68-69 (please finish the rest of the problems)

· Friday: Exercise 23 ps. 68-69 due today; 5-10 minutes XtraMath or flashcards


Mrs. Thistle
This week we continue to learn about Westward Expansion. We will be learning about Native Americans with Sequoya and the Trail of tears.
Tonight's informational meeting has been cancelled.
Sign up for the May meeting.