Weekly Notes

Room 117 Announcements

Mrs. Pape


We will be working in respect this week.


Ms. Carlson

Happy Monday!
This week I will be continuing to conduct DIBELS reading assessments with students that I have not yet worked with.

Morning Forum: Students will continue reading Stone Fox with their Classroom Coordinator and classmates. They will have class discussions regarding virtue, vocabulary, and other topics that arise as they read. On Friday, students will participate in non-fiction Friday and will focus on History, Science, and Math. New students to LCS will work with Mrs. Grove, the third grade English teacher, and me on basic phonogram knowledge that they missed in kindergarten and first grade.

Writing Skills: This week students will continue to practice their cursive while also practicing their phonogram sounds. Students will learn how to form the rest of the the lowercase cursive letter and will begin learning the capital letters. Students will bring homework home each night to practice. Students will continue to practice knowing the difference between open and closed syllables. Students will also work to categorize nouns into common and proper.
Literature and Reading: In literature, students will revisit the story, The Magic Paintbrush. They will work to sequence the main events of the story with a partner. We will discuss the essential vocabulary and key questions from the text and will begin brainstorming what we would do if we obtained a magic paintbrush of our own. Students will be writing two complete sentences of what they would do with a magic paintbrush and why, and they will present their final draft on Thursday. Finally, students will participate in Poetry Friday. This Friday, students will discuss the limerick “There Was an Old Man on a Hill” by Edward Lear. We will work to discuss elements of the poem, and will continue to look at the structure of poems such as lines, stanzas, rhyme, and repetition.
Homework: This week students will have nightly cursive practice. They should spend no more than 5-10 minutes practicing the letters on the sheet that comes home. Students will also bring their two sentences home to have edited by a parent or guardian on Wednesday. It will also be important for students to continue reading 20 minutes of the book of their choice each night. As we build our fluency in our class readings, it is important that students work to build fluency in their own readings at home


Mrs. Thjstle
This week we will be learning about how to read a timeline and the difference between Ancient History and Modern History. We will then be discussing the difference between nomadic tribes and civilizations. This will lead us into the Indus Valley Civilization.
Hello! Students have been working very hard learning all about addition and subtraction.This week we will use addition to find a whole, and subtraction to find a part, write four related addition and subtraction sentences for a given situation within 20, and compare sets by subtraction.Please practice addition and subtraction with your child whenever you can at home. Thank you for all of your help.


Ms. Butters

Next week in science students will be continuing their study of insects. I will be bringing in Silkworm eggs, and we will set up a habitat for them in each of their classrooms. We look forward to an exciting week ahead!

Students will be learning how to assess themselves using a written rubric in order to prepare for grade book assignments. We will continue building our catalog of chasing/fleeing (tag) games.

This week in Art, students will continue to talk about mandalas and their characteristics.  Students will design mandalas that include radial symmetry, balance and peaceful designs.

This week in music, we will be working on echoing rhythms as well as reviewing steady beat.

This week in Latin, students will be learning about the Latin alphabet and practicing pronunciation of Latin words.


Mrs. Morgan