Homework Notes – Fussman, 9/12/19

Room 208 Announcements

Mrs. Fussman

Virtue of the Month: Respect

Quote of the Day: “He who wants a rose must respect her thorn.” – Andre Gide

“The words cocoon and chrysalis are often used interchangeably when talking about monarchs and other butterflies. However, they are two completely different things! Cocoons are specific to moths, while chrysalises are formed by butterflies. Moths spin silk around themselves and molt inside the silk casing. This provides extra warmth and protection from the surrounding environment. You can usually find cocoons attached to the side of something or buried under ground or in leaf litter.

Chrysalises, on the other hand, are not silk. Butterflies molt into a chrysalis, which is a hard exoskeleton covering that protects the developing butterfly beneath. Chrysalises are typically found hanging from something. For example, monarchs spin a small silk button to hang upside down from before molting from head to abdomen!”


- Global lines worksheet due next Monday, 9/6/19: Complete 2-3 questions each night


Mrs. Morgan

  • No homework


Ms. Collins

Do your Experimental Variables and Groups worksheet if you did not finish it in class, due Friday, 9/13/19

Exercise 5, due Monday, 9/16/19