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Monday Notes – 4/15/19 – Fillion – Oops, forgot to post! Sorry!

Room 210

Mrs. Fillion


We had a good day, the weather made it hard to come inside though!  This week is busy.

*Our last CMAS tests will be Wed.(1-2:20) and Thu.(8:30-11:25) and cover the Science portion.

*Tests in History (Thu.) and Science (Fri.)


4/17 -6:30-8pm LCS OPEN HOUSE at the Academy

4/18 –  Come join us for Thursday’s game, at 4:00pm at Mehaffey Park, 3285 W 22nd St, Loveland, CO 80538, near the Academy Campus. to cheer on our Lions at their last HS women’s soccer regular season home game this year.  This Thursday’s game is Senior’s Night, in honor of our graduating student-athletes on our team.

4/18 – Also, the annual Spring Art Show is from 5:30-8:00 pm which will exhibit art work from students in grades 1-5.

4/25/19 – 6th Grade Informational Night (*Current 5th Grade Families Only)

5/2-5/4/19 – 6-8pm LCS Drama Presents: The Diary of Anne Frank

5/6 – T-Shirt Day, wear your class shirt!

5/24 – Last day of school, release at noon


This week in fifth grade math, the students will be reviewing and starting a new unit on ratio. Homework: There will be a review homework assignment

This week in English, we are going to focus on reading and understanding our current literature, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Due to the last two units of CMAS testing this week, we will not be learning new spelling words. We will, however, be completing the mastery test on the vocabulary we learned last week before we read each day! In grammar, we will continue to explore complex and compound sentences and diagramming them. Please email me at with any questions! Thank you!


Mrs. Miller

Hello Fifth Grade Parents, this week in history and geography we wrap up Westward Expansion with a unit test on Thursday.  Study guides and a practice map will be going home on Monday or Tuesday, we will be reviewing all week in class for the test.  Friday, we start our American Civil War Unit.  This week on Tuesday after school I will hold a States and Capitals study session from 3:20 – 4:00 p.m.  Students can be pick up in room 215. Thank you and have a great week!


Mrs. Collins

This will be the final week of our Plant Unit. IC should be updated by the end of the week in regards to the plays and the homework. Please, encourage your student to take advantage of correcting assignments. There will be a Plant Reproduction test on Friday. Students will have a review sheet that will be going home to help them prepare for the test.

Core Virtues

Mrs. Fillion

We will continue to read Number the Stars and do an activity based on “The Butterfly Project” recognizing and remembering the 1.5 million children that perished in the Holocaust.  Our butterflies will be exhibited during the school’s drama performance of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank.’


Mrs. Morgan

In Computer class, students are working on a Google slides project for music class.

Have started learning the mechanics of Volleyball, and will now start to put the pieces together as it relates to the actual game.

Skill cues:

Bump/pass Set Spike/down ball
Thumbs downward Upside down diamond Nike sign
Flat arms Hands on forehead Rotate both arms striking with palm
Shrugs shoulders Pop and lock it Follow through and point to target

This week in Latin students will begin practicing a song for their spring music concert. This song is called “Ecce Caesar Nunc Triumphat” (Caesar’s Triumph). The song is set to the same meter as “My Darling Clementine” and “Ode to Joy”. Parts of the lyrics were sung at Julius Caesar’s Triumph in 45 B.C.E. Students will also learn classroom vocabulary.

Students will continue to practice their concert repertoire. This is the third week of our World Music Unit; each class will begin to create their own STOMP rhythm routine for the spring showcase. Fun fact: many of the musical and literary aspects in the Disney film The Lion King were drawn directly from African traditions. If you have not seen this movie, it is one of my favorites. I recommend watching it. Students will continue to learn “Shenendoah,” one of our 2-voice-part concert songs. There are recordings of each student’s voice part that have been sent home. Each mp3 distinguishes if it is high voice singing, or low voice singing, or both. Your student should know if they are singing high or low voice. Please allow your student to listen to these tracks frequently at home or in the car. As a forewarning, my friend and I that recorded are both men singing in a child’s register, and so the tracks may sound a little silly at first.

This week in Art, students will continue to work on their one point perspective drawings of hallways.  Students will be adding color with crayons and paint this week.  Also, Please join us for the annual Spring Art Show on Thursday, April 18 from 5:30-8:00 pm which will exhibit art work from students in grades 1-5.

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