Ansell, Homework Notes, 10/10

Room 212 Announcements

Mrs. Ansell

October 18th is the end of the quarter and our Lost & Found is full of jackets, sweaters, lunch boxes, and water bottles. Please take a minute during drop-off or pick-up to see if anything belongs to your child. Unclaimed items will be donated to the Cancer Association on October 18th.

Box Tops for Education is currently working on becoming a solely digital program moving forward.  However, they are still willing to collect any unexpired Box Tops.  As a school we are doing one final push to collect all of the physical Box Tops that we can.  Starting on October 8th we will be hosting Box Top Wars: Boxtopalypse!  Students are encouraged to bring in all the Box Tops that they can.  Plastic bins will be set up in the lobby where students can either choose to put their Box Tops in the positive side of their own grades bin, or use their Box Tops to “bomb” other classes by putting the Box Tops in the negative side.  The grade with the most points at the end will win a Popsicle/Bounce House Party!  We will collect Box Tops through October 18th.

The end of Box Tops Wars is the end of an era here at LCS!  Help us go out in a bang by bringing in as many Box Tops as you can!


Ms. Butters
Adding Fractions, p. 17, due Friday, 10/11


Mrs. Swank
Words being tested for Mastery:
Tuesday: photon, photograph, medieval
Wednesday: sonar, consonant, photosensitive
Thursday: telephoto, resonate, Britain
Friday: unison, varying, perilous
Words being introduced:
Tuesday: graphite, graphic, tournament
Wednesday: evidence, invisible, dialogue
Thursday: biography, impossibly, provide

Friday: revise, autograph, parry


Mrs. Thistle
Medieval Manuscripts reading and highlighting - Due Friday, 10/11