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Homework Notes 4/15

Room 212

Ms. Ansell


Mrs. Thistle


Mrs. Swank

Words being tested on this week:

Monday: major, majority, elaborate
Tuesday: citizen, necessary, necessity
Wednesday: achieve, acquire, ancient
Thursday: approaches, bouquet, calculate
Words being introduced this week, tested on NEXT week:
Monday: satire, analogy, language
Tuesday: skirmish, cavalry, agile
Wednesday: hostile, refuge, ambassador
Thursday: descendants, prejudice, morality


Mrs. Morgan

Core Virtues

Ms. Ansell
Finishing up the decimal packet (some students have already finished and turned them in) p 7-15, Exercises 1-4 Completed packet is due tomorrow. All homework, including class packets, can be found online on infinite campus.


Mrs. Gomez
Tonight's informational meeting has been cancelled.
Sign up for the May meeting.