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Weekly Notes 4/15-4/19

Room 214

Ms. Klawon


Mrs. Gomez

The students finished up with their circuit building today, and will now work on presenting their discoveries to the class.  We will have a short quiz on Wednesday to make sure that we are all comfortable with the content before we move forward in our electricity unit.

4th Grade: Have started learning the mechanics of Volleyball, and will now start to put the pieces together as it relates to the actual game.

Core Virtues

Ms. Klawon

We will be working on the Butterfly Project this week.

4th Grade
Students will polish their Armed Forces Medley for their concert next week. It is now week 4 of recorder season! Good job surviving the past week 2 weeks! We will continue working on the recorder in class, hopefully making the squeaks and noises at home slightly more tuneful and bearable. Students have received their “Recorder Karate” packets–a self-teaching method that will provide more structure for practicing at home.


Mrs. Swank
Spelling: Gulliver’s Travels Vocabulary
Grammar: Analogies
Content: Sea Shanties; Gulliver’s Travels Chapters 3-8Words being tested on this week:

Monday: major, majority, elaborate
Tuesday: citizen, necessary, necessity
Wednesday: achieve, acquire, ancient
Thursday: approaches, bouquet, calculate
Words being introduced this week, tested on NEXT week:
Monday: satire, analogy, language
Tuesday: skirmish, cavalry, agile
Wednesday: hostile, refuge, ambassador
Thursday: descendants, prejudice, morality


Mrs. Thistle
We are learning about the Tea Act, the Tea Party and the Intolerable Acts this week.
We are looking to start the final project writings around April 29th. Some writings will be coming home for editing and tying if your student choose to have their project typed.
Hopefully we will be starting the final project construction May 6th.
Mr. Avlersons class had a generous donation by a family to provide the entire class with poster boards. If your child is in that class, you will not need to get a poster board!!

4th Grade: This week in Art, students will finish their Chinese Landscapes.  Later in the week, students in Mr. Alverson’s class will start our next unit on Africa.  Students will make adrinka cloth stamps.  Also, Please join us for the annual Spring Art Show on Thursday, April 18 from 5:30-8:00 pm which will exhibit art work from students in grades 1-5. 

This week in Latin we will work on classroom vocabulary. We will also be practicing a Latin song for the spring music concert, “Mica, Mica” (twinkle, twinkle)


Mrs. Morgan

In Computer class, students are working on a word processing assignment.  This is an assignment that involves creating a document using the skills and knowledge that they have learned this year in fourth grade.  These skills include research, typing, writing paragraphs, and using tools in Word.

Week 30, April 15-19: 4th Grade Monday Math Notes: This week in 4th grade math, students are continuing to study decimals, but now we’re beginning hundredths. These are the objectives for the week: q Read and write 2-place decimal numbers. q Express a fraction with a denominator of 100 as a decimal. q Rename hundredths. q Relate each digit in a 2-place decimal to its place value. q Express a mixed number as a decimal. q Locate 2-place decimals on a number line. q Relate money in dollars and cents to decimals. q Express a 2-place decimal as a fraction. q Express a fraction as a decimal. q Compare and order numbers to 2-decimal places. q Classwork: WB Unit 1B 1.1, Decimals—Tenths: packet ps. 7-15—due Tues. Apr. 16 The Unit 1B 1.1 classwork packet on Decimals—Tenths (ps. 7-15) is due TOMORROW Tuesday, April 16. Please watch for homework to go home once this week on Thursday. Thursday’s homework: EX25 ps.82, 84 Parts A-D, G-H —due Fri. 4/19 Math Facts: Please continue practicing multiplication and division facts at home. (Please email your child’s CC and me if you need or want flashcards). Students will be tested on their math facts all week.
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