Weekly Notes- 01.21-01.24

Room 215 Announcements

Mrs. Van Zandt

Hello 3rd grade families,

What a great year this has been so far. We have all been working so hard to make it so far. The kids have been so positive through our second round of NWEA testing. Progress reports from testing should be sent home in the next few weeks. A key virtue we have been working on is “Temperance” meaning we are doing the right thing at the right time. The 3rd graders have been showing this so much and it has been so amazing seeing them grow to this point.

In core virtues this week we are finishing our special virtue clouds. The assignment required each student to write a virtue on a cloud they are hoping to improve on. This is to set a reminder when they are looking at it what their goal is this quarter. This makes me so happy to see the kids making goals they are working so hard towards.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Mrs. VZ


Mrs. Collins
This week we are examining problems in an ecosystem due to human activity and how we can solve those problems. We will begin exploring fossils and how changes in the environment lead to fossils.


Mrs. Morgan

For computer class this week,  students will be working on NWEA benchmark assessments.

Paige Morgan

Keyboarding/Computer teacher


This week students will continue to practice the days of the week in Latin. We will have a small quiz at the end of the week. The main vocabulary words are:
dies hebdomadis = days of the week
Solis = Sunday
Lunae = Monday
Martis = Tuesday
Mercurii = Wednesday
Iovis = Thursday
Veneris = Friday
Saturni = Saturday
Hodie est dies … = Today is …
Heri erat dies … = Yesterday was …
Cras erit dies … = Tomorrow will be …
menses = months
primus = 1st
secundus = 2nd
tertius = 3rd

Kylie Koger
Elementary and Middle School Latin Teacher



Mrs. Grove


Good morning, third grade families,

Welcome to our 3rd quarter!  This marks our halfway point in third grade, and our time seems to be flying!  The students are working hard and we’ll maintain our focus on great learning as we embark upon the second half of the year.

This week in English, you can expect the following:

Morning Forum:  We would love to have you join us on Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday for our small reading groups.

Literature and Reading Skills:  This week we will continue in our study of Norse Mythology through the reading of several short myths including Thor and His Hammer and Balder, the Beautiful.  The students will be examining characters and the significance of each one presented in our readings.  The students will share their knowledge of the key characters in Norse myths in their Norse Mythology Study Packets, and then will share ideas with the class.  Finally, we will be connecting our readings to the phrase, “His bark is worse than his bite.”

Writing Skills: As we continue our study of spelling patterns and rules, we will take a couple days this week to learn the correct spelling of the days of the week and understand how each day was named.  We will also continue to learn about the impact of prefixes and suffixes on base words, and how these affixes affect the true meaning of words.  Further, we will continue our work with diagramming sentences, now implementing prepositional phrases.  Finally, we will round out the week with continued practice of capital letters N, O, P, and Q.

Mastery Quizzes:  These return this week and the following words will be on our daily quizzes:

Wednesday: invite, invitation, accept, except

Thursday: extraordinary, concern, decision

Friday: very, vary, various, recent

Homework:  This week the students will have spelling sentences sent home on Tuesday, due back on Thursday.

Enjoy the week ahead!


Mrs. Grove

Kirsten Grove


Due to benchmark testing last week, we will be spending one more week on area and perimeter. We have derived the formula to find the area of a rectangle, length x width= area, as well as adding all sides to find the perimeter. We will continue to discuss the difference between square units (area) and units (perimeter). Please have your child practice multiplication facts with you. We are drawing area grids this week for multiplication facts to discover different methods to find the fact. For example, we will draw a 7 x 7 square on grid paper and then break it into a 7 x 5 and 7 x 2. This shows the students relationships between the facts as 7 x 7 = (7 x 5 )+ (7 x 2). Another fact might show that 8 x 9 = (8 x 10) – (8 x 1). While the end goal is automaticity that 7 x 7 = 49 and 8 x 9 = 72, we are not quite there yet! Please let me know if you have any questions.
Hello all, This week in History and Geography, we will look at Viking exploration and the travels of Lief Eriksson, followed by a short Norse mythology day. We will begin to review for a test coming up in the middle of next week. There are two in-class assignments, but no homework. All grades will now be on the third quarter grades from today until the end of the quarter. This Wednesday, we will have a special guest show us Roman armor and show us his journeys in Italy and around the Roman world! Please reach out with any questions or concerns. Best, Mr. Martin -- Jason Martin Third Grade History and Literature Teacher
3rd Grade – We will be learning about how to play 16th note patterns using drums and buckets.


Mr. Luke Jones
3-5: Students will continue Winter Olympics with modified games of hockey. We will also have a little taste of curling and speed skating. Students will take the push-up test. Our fitness focus is muscular strength.
Have a great, short week!
Maureen Hobbs


3rd Grade: This week in Art, we will continue to discuss the 7 Elements of art which include line, shape, form, value, space, color and texture  Students will create a still life drawing of a vase with sunflowers inspired by Vincent Van Gogh using all 7 elements.
Happy Tuesday All! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.
Mrs. Ray

Danielle Ray

Elementary Art Teacher (Grades K-5)