Weekly Notes-1.13-1.17

Room 215 Announcements

Mrs. Van Zandt

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for such a great Roman day!! I am so blown away by the dedication students and parents had for this special day. It was truly a wonderful day, and so special to the kids.

This is the last week for quarter 2, if you have any questions or concerns regarding any grades or assignments. Please email me before the end of this week. I will be more than happy to help before the end of the quarter.

Thank you,

Mrs. Van Zandt



Dear LCS Families,
We are excited to announce that the LCS 5th annual Swim Night is fast approaching!  Families are invited to join us at the Thompson Valley High School Pool on Saturday, January 18th from 6-8pm.  There is a cost of $2 per swimmer.  Tickets went on sale last week and are still available through your child’s Classroom Coordinator.  We hope you can join us for this fun event!  Feel free to bring your own snacks and please note that children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult in the pool.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Thank you,


Mrs. Collins
This week in science we will be discussing natural and human changes to animal habitats. We will also examine how animals and plants adapt to those changes. There will be no homework.



Mrs. Morgan

In Computer class, students will be working on the Winter NWEA benchmarking assessments.

This week students will be learning how to say the date in Latin. The main vocabulary words are:
dies hebdomadis = days of the week
Solis = Sunday
Lunae = Monday
Martis = Tuesday
Mercurii = Wednesday
Iovis = Thursday
Veneris = Friday
Saturni = Saturday
Hodie est dies … = Today is …
Heri erat dies … = Yesterday was …
Cras erit dies … = Tomorrow will be …
menses = months
primus = 1st
secundus = 2nd
tertius = 3rd


Mrs. Grove


Good morning!

Wow – what an incredible day we had on Friday for Roman Day!  THANK YOU to all of our volunteers and supporters who sent in materials for Friday.  You all helped us immensely to make this a memorable day of living history for our students and staff!

This week in English, our students will be working on the following:

Morning Forum:  Today we were reading a science, informative passage and then got a jump start into our chapters for today’s study.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will read as a whole class with the CCs.  Please join us again on Wednesday – Friday for our small reading groups.

Writing Skills: We are restarting our routine spelling and writing studies this week.  We will be learning new words and rules this week, but will not have mastery quizzes until next week in spelling.  A point of focus in our spelling patterns is identifying prefixes and seeing how they can change (like a chameleon!) to match the root or base word to which they’re being attached.  We will also continue our work on compound and complex sentence formation.  Now that we’re experienced in writing both styles of sentences, we’ll use them at the same time instead of separately.  Finally, we are continuing to practice capital letters with M, N, and O as our focus this week.

Reading Skills and Literature:  Today we begin our Norse Mythology unit, studying the origin story and myths of the Vikings.  The students will do a lot of active listening as the introduction to this unit has a few read aloud opportunities.  The students will be listening for details provided by the text to include in summarizing the origin story and the various worlds described in our readings.  We will then begin one of the myths – Sif’s Golden Hair.

Additionally, students will be reviewing and demonstrating their knowledge on the 4 syllable types, moving into identifying these within 2 syllable words.  Phonograms will continue to be practiced this week.

Homework:  There will be no English homework this week!  Use the extra time to ensure your child is completing 20-30 minutes of reading to or with you each day.

I hope you have an enjoyable week!


Mrs. Grove

First off, thank you all for making Roman day an incredible experience for the kids! Your time and supplies helped us so much, and we’re grateful for what you’ve done to make this day special for the kids! This week, we’re starting to learn about the Vikings! We’re collecting and clearing the Roman work on Monday, and diving deep into Scandinavian geography and Viking culture and movement. We will finish this week with a reading on Erik the Red and a comparison of Viking culture to Roman culture.

We will be reviewing our Treble Clef and Bass Clef note names.

Students will continue hockey focusing on passing, receiving, shooting(driving), and tackling during modified games.
Our fitness focus is muscular strength. We will take the Fitnessgram push-up test.

This week in Art, students will continue to learn about the 7 Elements of Art (line, shape, color, form, value, space and texture).  Students will discuss the use of the Elements of Art in various works of art, but will focus on Van Gogh and his painting Vase with Sunflowers.  Later in the week, students will learn how to draw a vase with sunflowers while using all 7 Elements of Art in their work.