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Monday Notes

Room 216

Mr. Perez

Hello and good day third grade parents/guardians. I hope you all had a restful three day weekend. I know I took the oppertunity to catch up on some sleep!

I have posted the schedule for the Space Race presentations on my classroom’s page. Here is the link in case you missed my email:

The art show is this Thursday from 5:30 – 8:00PM. Please come on by to see wonderful works of art from our elementary students.


Mrs. Collins

I hope that your student has begun researching their Space Race topic.  Completed research on the topic is due next Monday for us to begin writing the report. Please, contact me if you are struggling to find age appropriate resources for your student to use. The CC’s are helping to schedule the presentations and those schedules should come out this week. Due to the nature of the assignment there will be very little flexibility in changing the schedule of presentations. Students will have a review sheet coming home Monday to help them  prepare for a test this Friday over what we have discussed in our astronomy unit. Please, look over that with your student and discuss the content with them so they can be prepared. Thank you for partnering with me and please, reach out if you have any questions.


Ms. Carlson


Good morning, 3rd Grade Families!

Morning Forum:  Our students will have reading groups on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. Students will have their non-fiction reading day on Monday and will read individually on Friday.

Writing Skills: The students will have their spelling mastery quizzes this week and will apply learned spelling rules to complete charts in their English notebooks.

Reading Skills and Literature:  We will be continuing our unit on The Little House in the Big Woods. We will do most of our reading in class. The book is divided into three parts and there is a packet to correspond to each of the three parts. Students will complete these packets in class and it will assess comprehension of the text as well as give them a chance to look deeper into the vocabulary used. This week we are focusing on chapters 7-10 and will complete pages in our packet relating to homonyms, paragraph formation and dictionary usage.

Homework:  Read at least 30 minutes per night of the book of the students choice. Spelling sentences assigned Monday and due on Wednesday, 4/17.

Have a great week,


Ms. Jessica Carlson

Third Grade English Teacher

Room 116

This week in 3rd grade math, the students will begin a new unit on time and explore hours and minutes. Homework: There will be an exercise

Have started learning the mechanics of Volleyball, and will now start to put the pieces together as it relates to the actual game.

Skill cues:

Bump/pass Set Spike/down ball
Thumbs down ward Upside down diamond Nike sign
Flat arms Hands on forehead Rotate both arms striking with palm
Shrugs shoulders Pop and lock it Follow through and point to target

Core Virtues

Mr. Perez

Last week we started a conversation about empathy. I also introduced the Butterfly Project to the students, which will be a school wide conversation.


Mrs. Morgan

In Keyboarding class, students will be typing on WORD to practice their keyboarding skills.

Students have become familiar with playing the ‘I’ chord for the song Hey Ho, Nobody Home on the xylophones. They will now learn new songs for their concert using xylophones, and they will play the ‘I, IV, and V’ chords. They will also learn appropriate actions with their songs. Students will be able to visually identify a poison melody using solfege hand signals.

This week in Art, students will continue to weave their Navajo Rugs.  Also, Please join us for the annual Spring Art Show on Thursday, April 18 from 5:30-8:00 pm which will exhibit art work from students in grades 1-5.


Mrs. Miller

Hello third grade parents, this week in history and geography we will continue our study of the Southern colonies.  On Thursday, students will take a quiz on the geography of the Thirteen Colonies.  A study map will be going home on Monday. Have a great week!

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