Come Observe our Classes

Visiting the Loveland Classical Schools campus and observing actual classes allows your child to explore the inner-workings of what it is like to be an LCS Lion. Your child will have the opportunity to speak with current students and faculty members and experience the intellectual discussion found at Loveland Classical Schools.

Our observation program is flexible and may consist of the following:

  • Sit in on classes with current students
  • Tour the school
  • Participate in lunch and/or snack time*
    *Refer to the notes on the right for information about lunch and snack.

Schedule an Observation

Classroom observations can last for half a day or the entire school day; however, observations are not allowed to extend more than one full school day. LCS recommends that your child spend at least a half day at the school to get a good idea of the culture and classes. LCS does not require that you schedule an observation in advance; however, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class so your student can receive his/her schedule and be escorted to the classroom without interrupting the learning environment.

Complete the Student Observation Request Form and bring it to the school the day of the scheduled observation.

Additional Notes:

Lunch: LCS offers a hot lunch program, so either send money for the hot lunch or pack a lunch for your child if he/she intends to be at the school during that time. Refer to our class schedules web page for bell schedule information by grade.

Snack: Note that students in first grade through third grade are allowed one snack a day. Kindergarten students have two snacks a day. Be sure to pack your students in kindergarten through third grade a snack (or two).

Dress Code: While current LCS students must abide by the dress code, prospective students are only expected to have a conservative appearance—projecting a wholesome and traditional image at all times.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the school registrar.