Current Opportunities

Lyceum – Vision & Hearing Screening

Vision & Hearing Screening is coming up on October 10th & 11th. Volunteer help is needed to make sure this event runs smoothly, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you are available to help!  Thank you!




BOX TOPS Collection Time!

It’s time to send in those Box Tops coupons you have been saving all summer!  Check out the new, fully digital way to collect Box Tops for our school!







Log Your Time

Click the button to the right and follow these instructions:

  • Log into your VITAL account.
  • Select VOLUNTEER (left menu list).
  • Select HOURS from the volunteer drop down.
  • Scroll down to the TIME LOG to enter your hours.
  • You can enter hours for multiple days, just select the date using the calendar date picker.
  • All of your logged hours are listed and can be adjusted at any time!


All visitors will be subject to a short background screen at the front desk. After a successful check, you will be issued a pink badge. There is a manual sign-in and sign-out clipboard at the front desk for all visitors. If you have a VITAL badge but are only visiting, scan your badge at the VITAL computer and select “Just Visiting.” Remember to scan out as you leave.

Purple Badge
These are for frequent visitors, meaning that you walk your kindergartner to class regularly or frequently visit class presentations, etc. but do not volunteer in the classroom. You will keep this badge and use it to check in and out at the front desk when you visit.

Yellow Badge
These are for situations when have not yet been approved in VITAL or you visit occasionally. All salmon badges must be returned upon leaving the building.

VITAL Badge – Do you need one?

YES if… You plan to volunteer more than once this year.
YES if… You are a board member or a sub-committee member.
YES if… You do fundraising activities.
YES if… You volunteer as an athletic coach or club sponsor.
NO if… You are only interested in carpool, pick-up/drop-off.
NO if… You ONLY volunteer remotely and away from students and student information.

How to obtain your VITAL Badge

  • Go to
  • Submit requested information including your volunteering areas of interest.
  • Upon approval, badges are generally available at the front desk within two weeks.
In the meantime, you’ll still need your photo ID to obtain a visitor badge each time you enter the building.

Code of Conduct

Failure to adhere to the following standards undermines the partnership between home and school. In support of Loveland Classical Schools, LCS students and parents hereby commit to the following standards:

Parental Involvement

By enrolling your student in Loveland Classical Schools, you agreed to the partnership between home and school. Please find the necessary energy, time and resources to devote to your student’s education. Loveland Classical Schools has established three involvement standards toward the successful parent/school partnership.
First: The Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will attend a minimum of one Parent/Teacher Conference per student annually.
Second: The Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will attend a minimum of one Parent Informational Meeting.
Third: Families are encouraged to participate in school-wide activities.


Volunteers are an integral part of Loveland Classical Schools. Parents/Guardians are strongly encouraged to participate on school committees and to provide other volunteer services as they are able within the parameters defined in the LCS Handbook. All Volunteers are welcome to review our Parent Involvement, Observation and Volunteering Policy

Academic Integrity

Students are expected to be honest in word and actions. Students choosing to cheat will face the consequences defined in the Loveland Classical Schools Handbook.

Core Virtues

Students and parents will learn and uphold, in their words and actions, the LCS Core Virtues of Loveland Classical Schools.

Dress Code

Basic standards for dress and personal appearance are cleanliness and neatness. Students will adhere to the dress code standards outlined in the Loveland Classical Schools Handbook. Students arriving out of dress code will not be permitted to attend class.


Homework is a fundamental part of our academic program. Students are responsible for turning in homework on time.

Late Arrival

Students will be in their assigned classrooms promptly at the beginning of each school day and at the beginning of each class period. Upon tardy arrival the driver/parent will enter the school and sign in the students.

Traffic Safety

Drivers and students will abide by traffic policies set forth in the Loveland Classical Schools Handbook. Failure to do so not only compromises the safety of the students but also undermines in a direct and visible way the values we are teaching to the students including respect and responsibility. Drivers will set the example of obedience to the rules.