Loveland Classical Schools is a K-12, classical school serving the Thompson School District R2-J. We opened in September 2011, offering grades K-9 the first year, with plans to add 10th, 11th and 12th grade each year following. Based on the overwhelming response from community members', we opened with 540 students our first year. A vigorous academic experience is established at LCS through our unique teaching structure. The teaching staff at Loveland Classical Schools is a dynamic group of content specialists, who went through a rigorous hiring process. Each member teaches according to individual subject specialties. The academic support staff binds the classroom culture in a cohesive manner for the elementary teaching staff, giving the students stability in their daily routines. At the heart of LCS is the mission to develop responsible stewards of our community. This is done through the teaching of core virtues (generosity, honesty, responsibility, service, perseverance, loyalty, forgiveness, integrity, courage, humility, prudence, temperance). LCS enforces a dress code that minimizes distraction, builds unity, and establishes an environment that recognizes students for who they are—rather than what they wear. Research indicates that a uniform dress code minimizes peer pressure, improves the appearance of the student body, and reinforces an academic atmosphere. LCS recognizes that a thorough education includes the study of music and art. We value a program that instills an appreciation for music and art, and also provides the knowledge and skills for those who desire to pursue higher academic degrees in these fields of study.